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Undoubtedly the most experienced trader I have ever come across in my 7+ years working in Financial Services internationally. During my time trading Chris was an excellent tutor who guided me in creating my own personalized trading and risk management strategies. 

To this day I still use the lessons learned in the months of intraday trading with Chris Tubby to guide me while I trade Gold and Forex futures. Some of these have become second nature thanks to the time spent learning with Chris.

He truly has a wealth of experience when it comes to trading and I have never and probably will never meet a better trading mentor. 

I feel blessed to have been mentored by such an individual and his advice even outside of the markets have helped me to get to where I am today, working for St. James's Place Management. I truly believe I would not be where I am today without his input, and I am thoroughly grateful to have such an accomplished professional in my circle.

When the best in the industry want to get better...they go to Chris Tubby, and you should too.​


Chris' course combined economic theory with real-world trade decision making. Lessons covered derivatives, market behaviour, hedging techniques, and the practical use of various order types. Chris is knowledgeable, energetic, helpful, and his lessons proved valuable to me in subsequent projects.


I was amazed to learn about so many different products on Chris's course. Not just fx but gold, crude oil, corn, equities, bonds and many more. I was fascinated by how they all correlate and provided great trading opportunities. This will help me so much throughout my trading career.
Chris effortlessly blended the fundamentals with practical sessions where we aspired to match his wonderful trading skills. I was in awe at how easily he made consistent profits day after day.
The course was intense but fun too and I look forward to him mentoring me in the future to help me to continue to improve and reach my.goal of becoming a successful professional trader.

Vlad Ribockins

Hi Chris,

Thank you very much, and my understating now is much deeper, thanks to you! Still thriving to learn about markets and financial instruments.  Yes I have arrived home safely and already planning my next visit to London. Hopefully by that time I will stay longer and I can attend an intensive course. Thank you for your time, energy and most importantly the solid information that you gave to me, I'm very glad I have registered ...I will definitely contact you regarding the course in the near future.


Chris is an excellent and technically strong educator with decades of experience in commodities and futures markets, and a strong focus on practical trading skills. He works incessantly to enable new and experienced traders better connect their knowledge with their intuition, become more self-aware, and become more disciplined in analysing opportunities and executing consistently. 


Following the completion of my MSc, I met Chris Tubby in 2015 who filtered the noise and educated me within the realm of technical analysis and fundamental analysis, I started noticing that my success rate was a lot higher. I was so eager to learn I took extensive notes of his teachings, including all the small bits of advice that were thrown multiple times daily. Coupling that with my experience, I have managed to hit the success rate that I wanted.

I kept practising for another year or so until I decided to invest 200 pounds into CFDs February this year. Within the space of five months, I have managed to turn that amount into a low-five-figure return. This was only capable through the time I have put in training, along with the notes that I always kept referring to. It is through the mentoring provided by Mr. Tubby I have managed to become successful at developing this skill and control.


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