Weekend Intensive Masterclass in Financial Trading


Available in London or online in our virtual classroom

Please email info@masterc.co.uk for details.


This two-day course is for learners to develop their knowledge and understanding of the financial and crypto markets. How big data, geopolitical issues and Central Banks impacts markets.

Learn how to analyse markets and identify those high probability trades.

Where to enter/exit positions and where to place stop losses for times you are wrong!


Weekend Intensive Masterclass in Financial Trading

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  • Weekend Intensive Masterclass in Financial Trading


    Learning Objective

    The objective of this course is for learners to develop their knowledge and understanding of the commodity, financial and crypto markets. Discover how to apply this practically using our professional trading and charting system (post-course self-learning with MC support).


    By the end of the course, learner will:

    • Understand the derivatives markets across all asset classes in today’s financial markets and who are the key participants.
    • Discover technical analysis;
    • Analysing various chart types and indicators
    • Evaluate markets and correlations using analysis chart overlays.
    • Pivot Points
    • Time frames
    • Analyse geopolitics and its implications on the economy
    • The financial markets
    •  Economic indicators and data releases - how it shows the health of the economy and impacts the markets.
    • Central banks and their role in the economy and markets
    • Sub-prime impact on the economy
    • Quantitative Easing & Tightening     
    • How to set up and use the trading system
    • Execute trades through our professional trading platform (post-course Monday - Friday)
    • Create a trading diary, prepare a trading plan, apply a variety of trading techniques to various asset classes.
    • How to build positions
    • Trading psychology
    • Learn how to calculate the profit and loss of trades
    • How to gauge risk/reward and manage risk.
    • Useful websites


    Duration: Two-day (weekend course, total 14 hours) 10.00 am to 17.00 pm

    Study mode: Weekend course

    Attendance: 2 days