We offer 22 online videos (listed below) covering all aspects of the markets and how to trade them. 

This is a massive discount on purchasing them individually.

This provides unlimited access for 26 weeks to our suite of videos. Each video varies in length from 30 minutes to 3½ hours and can be paused and revisited. Each video contains mini-quizzes to allow you to assess how much you are absorbing.


Below are the topics comprehensively covered:

MC1.  Market Terminology Explained 

MC2.  Risk Management

MC3.  Trading for Beginners

MC4.  Trading Techniques

MC5.  Trading Performance Analysis

MC6.  Trading Psychology

MC7.  Trading for Advanced Traders

MC8.  Trading Cryptocurrencies including Fundamentals

MC9.  Trading Strategies

MC10. Central Banks

MC11. Trading Agricultural Products including Fundamentals

MC12. Foreign Exchange

MC13. Trading Options

MC14. Trading Energy including Fundamentals

MC15. Technical Analysis

MC16. Technical Analysis Indicators

MC17. Trading Data

MC18. Trading for Intermediates

MC19. Metals Fundamentals

MC20. Macroeconomics - The Financial Markets

MC21. Short-Term Interest Rates and Fixed Income

MC23. Modern Monetary Theory explained


Just remember, a professional makes anything look easy as they have trained and been dedicated for many years to achieve success.

Watching videos is a great way to expand your knowledge, however, we suggest caution and seek expert advice before risking your capital. Trading is a high-risk business.

MC22 - VIDEOS Everything you need to know - Fundamental and Trading

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  • This option is for individuals that prefer to take their time to learn about the markets and how to trade them, wherever they are.

    Each video varies in length, depending on the subjects complexity.

    There are intermittent quizzes included during the videos to allow you to assess your absorbtion of the information provided.