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This Two-Week Intensive Trading Masterclass will introduce learners into trading commodities, financial and crypto markets.

The course is a blend of theoretical mornings and practical afternoon sessions.

Learn how to trade from an expert with over 35 years of proprietary trading experience on multi-assets. You will be shown how to manage risk, trading techniques, how to analyse markets including 2 trading signals used by our expert trader. Experience the emotions in trading and discover if you have what it takes to become the next Warren Buffet!!

Two-Week Intensive Trading Masterclass

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  • Two-Weeks Intensive Trading Program:

    Enroll in our Trading Masterclass and learn how to become a Profitable Financial Trader.


    This intensive two-weeks masterclass will provide you with the knowledge of what impacts the modern commodity, financial markets and cryptocurrencies, derivatives, how to trade them and manage risk.

    You will be supplied with professional trading and charting software to use during this two-week course where you will be required to analyse charts and trade different asset classes using real-time data.


    This course is suitable for individuals interested in a career as a trader, analyst, broker, middle office, back office or risk manager in investment banking, hedge funds or as a proprietary trader.


    The two week course will cover the following:

        •       Macroeconomics - what impacts the markets and why!

        •       How to trade the data and speeches that impact the markets - Will you be able to react fast enough, and will you get the direction correct?

        •       The commodity and financial asset classes (including the major cryptos)

        •       Geopolitical implications - Brexit, Trump, tariffs creating protectionism and potential trade wars

        •       Risk Management - making money is easy...keeping it is the hard part! How to protect profits on the good days to pay for the bad days!

        •       Trading Techniques & Strategies - how to reduce timing issues and control volatility and therefore risk in a trade. Learn how to maximise your revenue in each trade.

        •       Technical Analysis - how to analyse the markets to assist with identifying support, resistance and where to place stop losses. Extremely useful for crypto trading as well as the conventional markets.

        •       How to trade based on correlations. How each contract reacts in relation to others and how to take advantage of this.

    •         Cryptocurrencies – what they are, what impacts them and how to trade them.

        •       How to use a professional trading and charting system.

        •       Daily practical use of the system to implement the knowledge gained during the course and to test your trading ability against the market.

        •       The two weeks will conclude with a challenge to see who can produce the most revenue in a 2-hour trading session. The winner will receive a prize (minimum of 5 contestants)!


    Your Achievement

    • Certificate
    • Reference Letter from Senior Mentor
    • Prize for competition winner (5 contestants minimum).