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Trading Psychology One-Day Masterclass


This masterclass provides the opportunity to experience the emotions of trading first hand using our professional trading system with real-time data.

Find out if you have what it takes to control your emotions using real-time data in various asset classes.

We will also cover technical analysis and risk management.


Trading Psychology One-Day Masterclass

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  • Trading Psychology One-Day Masterclass


    • The objective of this course is to provide an introduction into trading psychology and how to manage your emotions during trades   We will then look at how to create a trading plan, use technical analysis and risk management.
    • 09.30 Introduction to our course
    • 09.45 Asset classes and Futures- how to trade them
    • 10.15 Set-up of professional trading system
    • 11.00 Technical Analysis
    • 11.30 How to create a trading plan
    • 12.00 Interval
    • 12.30 Practice session to experience trading emotions first-hand.
    • 16.00 Q&A
    • 16.30 Course concludes