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This Technical Analysis One-Day workshop covers charts and how to analyse them. We explain a variety of different charts from bars to market profile, plus many more and the various patterns to look for.

How the charts can be used to identify support and resistance etc.

How to use levels to improve the timing of your entries and exits and where to place a stop loss.

The course also includes 2 trading signals used by our expert trader, along with a trading plan and risk management

The course agenda:

  • 09.30 Introduction to our course
  • 09.45 Trading the various asset classes
  • 10.15 Participants in the markets
  • 10.45 Chart types
  • 11.45 Technical Indicators
  • 12.30 Identifying chart patterns and using support and resistance
  • 13.00 Interval
  • 13.45 Trading Plan
  • 14.30 Risk Management
  • 15.00 Practice & Research
  • 16.00 Q&A
  • 16.30 Course concludes



Technical Analysis One-Day Masterclass

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  • Technical Analysis One-Day Masterclass


    • The objective of this course is to provide an introduction into using technical analysis in variiety of ways to assist in trading various asset classes.