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Risk Management One-Day Masterclass.


During the day we will cover various aspects of managing risk.

We will implement a variety of risk controls using our professionall trading system with real-time data.

Learn how to manage risk to protect your capital. How to protect the good days to cover the bad ones!

Risk Management One-Day Masterclass

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  • Risk Management One Day Masterclass


    • Risk Management and how investors manage risk on/risk off
    • The objective of this course is to provide an introduction into risk management, correlations, and how investors switch from risk on to risk off using certain asset classes.  We will then look at how to create a trading plan and  use technical analysis as a way to identify stop loss levels.

    During the day we will use our professional trading and charting system to experiment controlling risk. The system is available for practise after the course.


    • 09.30 Introduction to our course
    • 09.45 The financial markets
    • 10.15 Participants in the markets
    • 10.30 Asset classes, product correlations and exchanges
    • 11.30 Cash, physical and Futures- how to trade them
    • 12.00 How to create a trading plan
    • 12.30 Interval
    • 13.15 Risk Management
    • 14.30 Technical Analysis
    • 15.00 Practice & Research
    • 16.00 Q&A
    • 16.30 Course concludes