This options workshop takes you through the basics of what options are, why and how to use them, and how to hedge against them!


Available in London or online in our virtual classroom

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How the seller determines the premium and the advantages and disadvantages of trading options.

Options are extremely useful if you have a strong long-term view of a market and do not wish to watch the market every day. It also removes the need to micromanage the risk involved (as an option buyer).

Options Trading One-Day Beginners Class

  • Our refund policy allows a total refund up to three weeks prior to the course date.

  • Learn how to use options for when you have that strong long-term view of where a market will go.



    The course will provide insight into the knowledge and skills required to succeed in trading options.

    Course benefits

    • Learn trading techniques for options
    • Discover how to analyse a market using technical analysis
    • How to calculate risk-reward and manage risk
    • Mistakes new traders often make
    • What is a trading plan?
    • Use of a professional trading platform (during and post-course) simulator.


    Learning objectives

    By attending this course, you will start to build the skills required to analyse and trade options markets. How to guard your capital. Protect the good days and limit losses when you are wrong.