Learn from an expert professional trader with over 35 years of proprietary trading experience.


Our One-Week Trading Masterclass is a blend of theoretical and practical modules.

During this one-week masterclass, we will study what makes markets move, why and how to take advantage of them!

Available in London or online in our virtual classroom


The Course Learning Objective:

The objective of this one-week workshop is for learners to understand how professional traders operate within the markets. During this course, learners will develop their knowledge and understanding of trading commodities and the financial markets, and then apply this practically using real-time data on a leading professional trading platform. In parallel, students will apply various trading techniques, apply risk management, technical analysis, and experience trading psychology; finally, learn how to create a trading plan.


This course will provide an insight into the financial markets industry and is suitable for anyone interested in a career in trading, risk management or as an analyst in the world of finance such as in an investment bank or a hedge fund in the future.


By the end of the course the student will:

  • Understand how to trade various asset classes in modern financial markets using professional trading software.
  • The fundamentals that decide the trend of the market.
  • Experience trading big data. Will you be fast enough…and will you make the right decision.
  • Correlations. How various contracts react to one another.
  • Geopolitical implications – How Brexit, Trump, tariffs, trade wars amongst other issues are overpowering Central Banks!
  • Implement learned technical analysis techniques for both short-term trading and long-term investment strategies using a variety of technical charts. How to identify support and resistance.
  • Apply various trading techniques and strategies that can be adopted to any market. This includes how to take more control over volatile markets to reduce risk.
  • Devise a daily structured trading plan and apply a variety of trading techniques to commodity and financial products.
  • Calculate the profit and loss of trades whilst controlling risk. (Making money is easy, keeping it is the hard part…and you need the good days to pay for the bad ones.
  • Execute trades through a professional trading and charting platform. Available to practice with post-course providing the opportunity to continue to hone your trading, risk management and technical analysis skills.
  • Experience trading psychology first-hand throughout the week by trading multiple asset classes and managing the risk.
  • How to self-analyse your trading performance to identify where your weaknesses and formulate a plan to improve.
  • The week will culminate in a two-hour trading contest, for those wishing to participate.


On completion of the course, learners will receive.

  • Course Certificate
  • Reference letter from our Senior Educator
  • Competition prize for the trading contest winner (minimum 5 contestants)
  • Post-course support and use of trading software.


One-Week Financial Trading Masterclass

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  • Learn the fundamentals that drive the financial markets. How data, geopolitical issues and Central bank actions impact prices and quickly change sentiment and market trend.



    The course will provide insight into the knowledge and skills required to succeed in trading, We cover fundamentals, trading, risk management and technical analysis.


    Course benefits

    • Find out what makes markets move
    • Learn trading techniques
    • Discover how to analyse a market using technical analysis
    • How to calculate risk-reward and manage risk
    • Understand trading psychology
    • Mistakes new traders often make
    • What is a trading plan?
    • Use of a professional trading platform (during and post-course) simulator.


    Learning objectives

    By attending this course, you will start to build the foundations of the skills required to analyse and trade markets. How to guard your capital, protect the good days and limit losses when you are wrong.