This crypto and forex masterclass provides insight into the digital and currency worlds of trading.


Available in London or online in our virtual classroom

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You will discover what crypto and blockchain are, as well as how to trade the cryptocurrencies as well as how to trade fiat currencies to offer more choice in your trading.

We include risk management, how to analyse a market as well as practical trading sessions which also assist with the trading psychological aspect of trading. Test yourself against the market and find out if you are suited to trading!

One-Week Crypto and Forex Trading Masterclass

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  • One-Week Intensive Crypto Trading Masterclass

    Start your career with our Fundamental and Practical Trading Program


    The Course Learning Objective:

    The objective of this course is for the learner to understand the digital space and crypto market. Learners will develop their knowledge and understanding of what cryptocurrencies are and how to trade them, what impacts them, how to manage risk. The course also includes practice trading in a live environment on a professional trading platform. In parallel, students will apply various trading techniques, risk management skills, technical analysis, and experience trading psychology first-hand. Finally, learn how to create a trading plan.


    This course is suitable for those  interested in digital currencies or a career as a trader as it will deliver invaluable insight into the industry. Discover how to control risk to provide longevity as a trader.


    By the end of the course the learner will understand:

    • What are cryptocurrencies
    • How they work
    • Where to trade and store them
    • What impacts them
    • Volatility
    • Understand the basics of how to trade cryptocurrencies
    • The fundamentals that decide the trend of the market.
    • Correlations. How various coins react to one another.
    • Implement learned technical analysis techniques for both short-term trading and long-term investment strategies using a variety of technical charts. How to identify support and resistance.
    • Apply various trading techniques and strategies that can be adapted to any market. This includes how to take more control over volatile markets to reduce risk.
    • Devise a daily structured trading plan; applying a variety of trading techniques.
    • Calculate the profit and loss of trades whilst managing risk to control losses and protect profits (Making money is easy, keeping it is the hard part…and you need the good days to pay for the bad ones!).
    • Implement learned technical analysis techniques to determine levels, as used by professional traders.
    • Execute trades on a simulator and use our leading professional charting software (available to use post-course). Continue to practice and hone your trading and risk management skills after the course. Improve your technical analysis skills on how to determine levels.
    • Experience trading psychology throughout the week by trading multiple asset classes and managing the risk.
    • How to analyse your trading performance to enable you to work on a plan to improve.
    • The week will culminate in a two hour trading contest with a prize for the winner!


    On completion of the course you will receive.


    • Course Certificate
    • Reference Letter from the educator
    • Competition prize for the winner
    • Post-course support and use of trading software.