This our-week trading masterclass allows you to gain extensive fundamental knowledge and practical experience.


Available in London or online in our virtual classroom

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Four-weeks of blended theory and practical sessions, culminating in a final assessment day of pure trading (at the time of your choice) as you test yourself and your strategies against the markets using real-time big data. Find out if you could make the grade as a trader! This is the virtual classroom price, if you prefer face to face in London, please ask for a quote,

Do you have what it takes to become the next Warren Buffet!

Intensive Four-Week Trading Masterclass

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  • Master Consulting’s Intensive Four-Week Trading Masterclass delivers a deep and comprehensive understanding of proprietary trading in all asset classes. We educate you on how to take advantage of the markets by incorporating fundamental drivers with technical timing.


    Our priority is to allow the individual's character to flow through their trading style, product selection, trading plan and decision making allowing individuals to be successful and achieve their full potential.


    Our four-week trading masterclass blends theory with practical experience, covering all asset classes on major derivatives exchanges.

    During the first three weeks we provide a comprehensive education of theory, covering fundamentals, technical analysis, trading psychology, risk management, and a basket of trading strategies. During this period practical experience will also be gained using our professional trading and charting system.

    The final week will comprise of an assessment period where you will use all the knowledge gleaned in the first three weeks to practice your self-developed trading plan under the pressure of a daily target and stop loss.

    During this course the educator will share his proven trading signal with you and assist you identifying practical examples on a daily basis.

    Asset classes covered:

    • Financial futures –  Indices, Fixed income, Equities
    • FX –major currency pairs
    • Commodities – Energy, Agriculture
    • Metals – Precious


    Intensive Four-Week Masterclass.


    Derivatives: An introduction to futures, options, swaps, forwards and OTC across all asset classes.

    Macroeconomics: Their effect on markets and how to use data to create trading opportunities.

    Geopolitics: How politics has overshadowed Central Banks since mid-2016.

    Trading Methodologies Trading techniques and strategies explained.

    • How to trade futures markets using a variety of strategies and techniques.
    • How to increase or decrease volatility in trading along with optimisation of entry and exit levels.
    • Risk Management: Reducing risk, protecting profits and controlling P+L on a day to day basis.

    Trading Psychology: Learn how to control your emotions during trades.

    Technical Analysis: Variety of chart types and studies used by professional traders.

    Technology: Trading and charting software functionality.

    Regulatory overview: Regulations relating to market abuse.


    Weeks 1-3 Theory & Practical Experience Modules

    • Theory – fundamentals, technical analysis, risk management.
    • Trading psychology.
    • Experimenting with our professional trading and charting system.
    • Creating charts and adding studies.
    • Developing trading skills to build strategies for use with a comprehensive basket of products.
    • Practising trading techniques based on fundamental, technical, data driven events and momentum.
    • Understanding risk controls to ensure discipline and protecting profits.
    • Trading strategies tailored to each individual’s character and personality.
    • How to create a diary of your trading (used to analyse and fine-tune performance).
    • Weekly 1o1 meetings providing feedback and advice.


    Week 4 Practical Assessment


    The final week focuses on your trading as you test yourself against the markets. Performance of the learners will be monitored as they trade  products selected personally by themselves.

    Assessment phase:

    Learners will select from a list of products, present their trading plan, philosophy and risk management to the educator.

    • Daily upside targets to meet, with downside limits.
    • Putting course learning into practice.
    • Experience trading all big data releases across European and USA time zones.
    • Continue to hone trading skills.
    • Prize for best performance.