Our Flexi-Courses are unique in their structure.

Please note price courses vary £250 is the typical cost for  one-day. The more days you book the more you save!


You are in full control and can book dates around your busy social and business commitments.

1) Discuss with us the course you would like us to create for you and the number of days to attend.

2) Book some or all of the dates (provisionally*) you would like to attend your course. This could be as one block or spread out over weeks or months to provide you with the opportunity to practice between sessions.

3) We offer a blend of theory with practical sessions or purely practical.


Our theory can include all asset classes or be bespoke around your interests.

Our practical sessions will help you with:

  • Risk Management,
  • Technical Analysis,
  • Trading Techniques,
  • Trading Psychology, 
  • Options & Futures
  • Trading BIG data


* Dates can be changed up to 1-week prior to the date.