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Crypto One-Day Trading Masterclass.

Learn what cryptocurrencies are, discover where to store them, where and how to trade them. We also include technical analysis and risk management.

Learn how to trade them BEFORE risking your capital!!


Crypto Trading One-Day Masterclass

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  • Crypto One-Day Course

    • Introduction into the cryptocurrency market
    • The objective of this course is to provide an introduction into the crypto currency market and how to trade them.  We will then look at how to use technical analysis, create a trading plan and manage risk.
    • 09.30 Introduction to our course
    • 09.45 What are Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain?
    • 10.15 The major Cryptocurrencies and their uses
    • 10.45 How to trade, where to trade and store them
    • 11.30 Correlations and how to trade using them
    • 12.00 Interval
    • 13.00 Key influences on the Crypto market
    • 13.30 How to create a trading plan
    • 14.00 Technical Analysis
    • 14.30 Risk Management
    • 15.00 Practice & Research
    • 16.00 Q&A
    • 16.30 Course concludes