This one-day course on Central Banks will provide an understanding of their role in the markets and the economy. We will also consider the geopolitical issues that have been impacting the markets since mid-2016. Brexit, Trump, Coronavirus

We will end the session practising trading on a variety of asset classes.


Available in London or online in our virtual classroom

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Central Banks One-Day Course

  • We offer a full refund up to 3 weeks prior to the course.

  • Learn how Central Banks impact the markets by setting monetary policy. How their actions influence our spending patterns and affect consumer confidence and spending. More importantly, how to use this knowledge to make money in the markets.



    The course will provide insight into the knowledge and skills required to succeed in trading.

    Course benefits

    • Learn about Central banks and their actions
    • Discover how to analyse a market using technical analysis
    • Mistakes new traders often make
    • What is a trading plan?
    • Use of a professional trading platform (during and post-course) simulator.


    Learning objectives

    By attending this course, you will start to build the foundations of the skills required to understand Central Banks operations and how to use it to trade the markets. How to guard your capital, protect the good days and limit losses when you are wrong.